Resident Services

Self Sufficiency Program ("SSP")

Are you a resident of BHA state public housing (Egmont, Trustman, or High St. Veterans)? Do you have employment, education, or financial goals? The BHA’s Self Sufficiency Program (SSP) can help you increase your earned income and save up to $15,000 over a 3- to 5-year period.

Programa de autosuficiencia ("SSP")

¿Es usted residente de viviendas públicas estatales de BHA (Egmont, Trustman o High St. Veterans)? ¿Tiene metas laborales, educativas o financieras? El Programa de autosuficiencia de BHA (SSP) puede ayudarlo a aumentar sus ingresos del trabajo y ahorrar hasta $ 15,000 durante un período de 3 a 5 años.

BHA Resident Services Contacts

BHA Resident Services Staff
Danielle Mendola Resident Services Program Director (617) 413-4186
Jacqueline (Jacky) Lara Self Sufficiency Program Coordinator (617) 992-1152
Stephanie Di Dio Self Sufficiency Program Coach (617) 981-9130
Brookline Center for Community Mental Health (Service Coordination at BHA Family Housing)
Julia Blencowe Service Coordinator -Trustman, Egmont St. Veterans, 86 Dummer St. (617) 735-6870
Stephanie Louidor Service Coordinator - 22 High St./Walnut St., High St. Veterans (857) 707-3483
Mitra Tummino Service Coordinator - Transitional Housing Program (617) 651-1135
Kathy Turner Community Social Worker - BHA Senior Developments by referral
Springwell (Senior Services)
Joseph Murat Care Coordinator (50 Pleasant St.) (617) 972-5610
Shiyun “CiCi” Guan Care Coordinator (90 Longwood Ave., 190 Harvard St., Colonel Floyd) (617) 972-5627
Natisha McCants Care Coordinator (61 Park St.) (617) 607-1114
Springwell Case Management Line (617) 926-4100

Resources and Services

Brookline Housing Authority staff partners with other agencies that provide our residents and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher holders living in Brookline with services that: help the elderly and disabled continue to live in their apartments; advance the educational boundaries of children and parents; provide skills and experience for employment; and much more. Please review the programs below and take advantage of any or all of them that suit your situation. Each program can point to many success stories, and we would like yours to be one.

If you feel that you need help to arrange services, please do not hesitate to complete the form above or contact your property manager.

General Community Resources

Resources for Seniors

  • Brookline Senior Center - (617) 730-2753
    Center-based programs and services for elderly in health, arts, nutrition and recreation.

Children, Youth, & Family Resources

Resident Services Announcements

None at this time.