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Brookline, MA 02446

Phone: 617-277-2022

Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Staff Directory

Phone: 617-277-2022
Michael Alperin Executive Director
Susan Halpert Admin. Assistant-Special Projects

Phone: 617-277-2022 + ext.
John Hillis Director of Leased Housing & Admissions Ext. 332
Flor Nieves Asst. Director of Applications Ext. 310
Sara Eamma Assistant Director of Leased Housing 617-505-2279
Sugei Ramirez Program Rep - Applications Ext. 309
Ruth Diaz Program Rep - Applications Ext. 326
Shalaine Shortall Program Rep - Applications Ext. 320
Dalizis Joseph Program Manager - Leased Housing Ext. 319
Lea Rios Program Manager - Leased Housing Ext. 323
Vanessa Ortiz-Lora Program Manager - Leased Housing Ext. 318
Mitra Tummino, LCSW THP Coordinator
Joice Tien Administrative Assistant Ext. 331

Phone: 617-277-2022
John Kelley Chief Financial Officer Ext. 307
Sonya Hanna Senior Manager Ext. 322
Brenda Chaison Program Representative Ext. 313
Margarita Montero Program Manager Ext. 324

Phone: 617-277-1884 or 617-277-2022 + ext.
Chris Devoll Maintenance Director
Jim Collins Foreman
Stephen Walsh Foreman
Dominick Testo Maintenance Clerk

Ana De La Puente Director of Property Management 617-981-9686
Nery Otero Property Manager HSV: 617-232-2283
Kelley Chambliss Property Manager Trustman: 617-232-2265
Egmont: 617-713-0486
Sandra Santiago Property Manager 90 LLC: 617-981-9500
Melissa Pagan Property Manager 22 High: 617-734-6348

Chris Devoll Modernization Director 617-731-9551
Akil Alexander Capital Improvements Manager 617-608-3324
Sharon Cowan Consultant

Maria Maffei Director of Redevelopment 617-515-8022
Amelia Youngstrom Project Manager 617-731-6509

Sheila O'Flaherty Asset Management 617-731-0870

BHA Resident Services Contacts
Danielle Mendola Resident Services Program Director
Jacqueline (Jacky) Lara Self Sufficiency Program Coordinator
Ericka Pierribia Program Specialist 617-413-3182